Comprehensive Implementation Services

The biggest risk in any IT project is implementation risk. It is estimated that over 75% of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations do not meet customer expectations while over 30% of these projects are cancelled outright or fail completely. Far too many software projects end up with schedule delays, cost overruns, and unhappy customers. In the current environment, your organization cannot afford to absorb the impact of a poor implementation.

Enable takes a “no excuses” approach to our implementations.

Enable takes a “no excuses” approach to our implementations. Whether you are adding a new module to an existing ERP system or completely replacing a legacy system, our implementation methodology ensures your complete success. We go far beyond merely getting new systems “live”. We work with you to use your new software to transform your organization.

The Enable methodology is successful because we take the time to throughly document project objectives and to align them with the resources and plans needed to accomplish each task. We establish milestones and gateways that allow you to adapt to changing conditions throughout the implementation process.

Our Implementation Methodology:

  • Promotes effective project management and collaboration
  • Provides guidance through all implementation tasks
  • Incorporates both technical and non-technical tasks
  • Promotes a “knowledge transfer” approach to training

  • Incorporates documentation of customer-specific processes
  • Includes  costs and schedule controls at each phase
  • Reduces risk
  • Significantly reduces time-to-benefit