Enable’s background and experience

The Enable team is comprised of individuals who have successfully developed and implemented ERP systems for more than 1,000 governmental entities. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and budgets. Two of our team members designed and built software that was successfully used for the 1996 Olympic Games. This is an example of a project where the deadline could not be moved. We completed this project for a fraction of the budget that was spent for the previous games.

The Enable solution

Enable has the experience and knowledge to configure, implement and fine tune your ERP Suite to allow you to take control of your information processing needs now and for a long time after the system is implemented.  Enable will assure your success by addressing every aspect of the transition process. From project initiation  through final acceptance, our proven team will enable you to realize the full benefits that are available in your  ERP solution. We have experience with all major governmental ERP solutions.

The Enable advantage is our people. We have decades of experience designing, implementing and supporting software for the public sector. Our people have the knowledge, dedication, confidence and the authority to do  whatever is necessary to see a project through to its successful completion. As a small company, we are not  hindered by layers of management or red tape. We are able to react quickly when necessary.

The Enable advantage

Strategic Direction

The mission of Enable is to use our decades of experience to assist public sector organizations to manage their dynamic business needs effectively. Our strategy is to partner with our customers, allowing them to get  the most functionality out of their ERP software.


Our team has been successfully developing and implementing ERP software solutions for the Public Sector for over 30 years and over  1,000 entities. These organizations have ranged in size from cities, counties,  utilities and other authorities with populations of less than 3,600 employees to over 1 million in population.

Functional areas of expertise include:

  • Core Financials – General Ledger (and chart of accounts design), Procurement, Receiving, Capital Assets, Inventory Management, Human Resources, Payroll, Applicant Tracking
  • Customer Information Systems – Utility Billing, Work Orders and Service Orders
  • Fleet and Asset Management – Asset Tracking, Preventative Maintenance, Parts Inventories, Location Information
  • Community Development/Local Government – Permits and Inspections, Development and Plan Review, Land and Parcel Management, Contractor Licensing, Code Enforcement
  • Courts – Case, Sentencing, Docket, File, Bond Management, and Case Involved Parties n Public Safety – Records, Dispatch, Fire, Mobile

Our staff has been responsible for all aspects of product development and implementation from initial requirements gathering to solution design, product development, quality assurance and performance testing, implementation, technical training, functional (user) training, integration, and support. We have performed these tasks directly and have lead teams of people who performed them. We understand the entire lifecycle of product development and implementation. Our team is skilled at providing ownership not only for our solutions, but for the entire customer experience by coordinating client resources and third-party vendors to ensure a complete solution.

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and budgets. For the 1996 Olympics, our team designed, built and implemented the advanced Kiosk system for a fraction of the budget that was spent for the previous games.

In addition to new implementations, we also specialize in assisting organizations to improve the effectiveness of their installed software. By assisting staff in aligning strategic vision with organizational goals, streamlining workflows, and optimizing configurations, our clients are able to see efficiency gains and increased return on investment (ROI). Our goal is to simplify technologies and to help teams focus on the essential items that drive the greatest productivity.

We have direct experience in working with organizations that incorporated changes to their organizational structure during an implementation of new ERP software. By leveraging the work already required to optimize the business processes accommodated by the new software, we were able to make the organizational changes a seamless part of the change for a relatively small additional effort. The result was improved internal communication and efficiency, better data management and reporting, and improved customer service for their constituents. We can assist in the analytical, mapping, configuration, migration and training efforts in order to maximize the benefit that you receive as your business processes are streamlined and incorporated into a new or existing ERP solution.