Getting the most from your ERP investment

Getting the most from your ERP investment

Despite spending millions of dollars over the past decade, most local governments are not receiving the benefits that they expected from their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The fact is that most systems available today are more a result of the financial consolidation of companies than they are a result of an integrated systems design.

We would argue that these systems are more fragmented than they were in 1990 when each system was built on a proprietary platform. The major benefit of these “modern” enterprise systems seems to be the ability to write a single (large) check to a vendor with an impressive balance sheet.

While these large vendors are in no hurry to adopt open standards and web services that would greatly improve their systems, Enable has a solution that can greatly enhance and extend your ERP and actually deliver the enterprise data view that you need for better decision making and planning.

We can implement the “middleware” necessary to allow every module of your system to be more accessible to all other parts of your enterprise. We can also use middleware to virtualize all of your data to allow all of your enterprise information to be available through a single view.

If you are considering replacing your enterprise systems in order to achieve better access to your data, you should talk with Enable. In most cases we can get better results, quickly, for about 10% of the cost of replacement.